Removing DRM from BBC downloads

How can I remove the DRM form programs downloaded for bbc iplayer. I can't view them in any other player except media player.

You're one step ahead of me bro. I'm still trying to figure out a way to download programs from iPlayer from Pakistan. :(

:D It’s so simple, I just accessed iplayer site through a UK proxy and use the default download link and it worked like a charm. Now I’m looking for reply from KA or deffury.

^ Oh I am so sorry.... but I recently didn't experience with this. I've had commented on the same issue earlier in some other threads (I guess you've reviewed them already). And I still have the same opinion because I didn't get any problem for which I could need to experience it again.

But I just searched now and found a lot of results redirecting to free DRM removals as well as paid ones. (I didn't find these before nor I used any)

Did you try any of them?

If you tried and none of them work out.. then may be this is still not break able.

I did searched on the net, found methods using these tools Everthing is ok until step 4 where drmdbg.exe crashes alot. Instead of this screen drmdbg.exe,

I get this one 8bf81cfe4edc0f24b783865b0fbbe8317334aa76f304fadefbe4acf2b47bc1a42g.jpg

did you try with Windows XP mode to run drmdbg.exe?

via right click > properties of drmdbg.exe and blah blah....

> (looks like the function "VirtualAllocEx" was not able to run successfully... they should print some useful error to resolve)

I did tried it in window xp sp3 mode, same result.