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Is anybody aware of who or which authority one should approach if one has some reservations about the Imam of a mosque? For instance, if an Imam is trying to play the role of Taliban and impose HIS will and HIS interpretation of Islam on his congregation and if he refuses to change his attitude after you discuss it with him directly, I think this is a matter which should be reported to the authority which is responsible for overseeing such matters. Yes, I know, one solution would be to simply avoid praying in that mosque but why should we allow such individuals to impose their will and their way of thought on others as if they own the mosque or inherited it? Makes me sick.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Go to POLICE! Simple!

our government is doing the same can you complain about it, if that doesn't bother you personally then avoid it.


I suggest writing to the ministry about this issue, i am 100% sure that they will take notice of your complaint. Write a letter/application signed by atleast 20+ elders of the locality around the mosque, with NIC photocopy of these people.


Police would jail him instead and try to win medals!

Note: I'm afraid that this thread will be closed soon, so i would advice to only ASK about HOW-To.

Yea I wud agree with Ahmsum's solution. Good luck finding 20 people!

Don't divulge in finding 20 people.

Just write a letter to interior ministry of your province and Islamabad with your CNIC.

Tell them that you have told them and now its their duty to find out whats going on.

20 people........... :)

You will get into trouble to call these so called elders in this matter. They are "naam-nehad elders".

Could you please elaborate on the "impose HIS will..." remark a little more? In this day and age, I'm having a hard time picturing someone actually "imposing" their will on another person.

If it is that you actually have a problem with what he is saying then you said it best yourself. Avoidance.

^ I think we should not deviate from the Original question asked by thread starter.

Rather than complaining, first go to him and ask him different questions regarding his creed, then this views of the world. He should also back his statements with proofs too. If you think he is very dodgy then report him to the ministry

Agreed, talk to him with proofs from Quran, Sunnah and classical scholars.


Johnny98 like you i myself have hundreds of questions regarding islam and there is nothing wrong about asking islamic questions, but when i myself have these questions related to islam then i go to forums which are dedicated to islam 100% if one google can find hundreds of them, there i find from admin to mods to regular members by default authority on islamic matters and i can get scholarly answers, """so why i or you or any member would ask such questions in tech forum like WP, which at the end always turn into argument and thread get closed or deleted.""

Jhonny98 you are asking wrong question at wrong forum. Just use google, just remember Islamic questions at Islamic forum and tech questions at tech forum, as simple as that.

^As he mentioned before, the question really isnt Islamic based. He just feels that the guy at the mosque is going anti Pakistani, and wants to complain to the govt, but which department should he go to is the question.


oh deffury i forgot to mention which i usually do in this type of threads "kamaran is out of this thread" take care, deffury looking forward to having tech discussion in some future tech thread , bye bye friend

in any field, deciding on what is wrong needs comprehensive knowledge of that field.

most of general public doesn't have even a hint of necessary knowledge of Islam, so how they can say that someone is depicting wrong picture of Islam or imposing his own will etc etc??

Well Yes Some time, we think the real spirit of Islam is even extremism !

The OP hasn't replied. Perhaps he was just looking to stir things up. I suggest closing this thread as religious discussions aren't allowed in this forum.

@ johnny98

Are you talking about the mosque in Khadda Market ?.




Sheikh 'Has His Eye On Him' Chilli

Not referring to mosque in Khadda market.

I don't think the ministry of religious affairs will do anything at this point in time (they're busy with Hajj-related issues, if you know what I mean). Good suggestion, though. Will have to talk to the Imam in question first and see what his reaction is. Reporting to the interior ministry and such is not something I'd like to get involved in because you never know what sort of reaction you might get from the people in your community, especially when the Imam knows that you have reservations about his actions.

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The OP hasn’t replied. Perhaps he was just looking to stir things up. I suggest closing this thread as religious discussions aren’t allowed in this forum.

Thanks for the speculation. Unfortunately, I’m not glued to my computer screen which means it’s almost impossible for me to respond within seconds, minutes, hours or even days on some occasions.

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The OP hasn’t replied. Perhaps he was just looking to stir things up. I suggest closing this thread as religious discussions aren’t allowed in this forum.

Yes, if the mods think that religious discussion is not allowed in this forum, then why this thread is still running???