Regarding stablizer

Can someone help me…what appliances can i run on 10000, ten thousand watt stablizer…

Depends on type of stabiliser (relay type or servomotor type), starting wattage of load(s) and power factor of load.

Relay type stabiliser is generally for non-electronic loads (such as fridge, airconditioner, lights, fans, motors, etc.), which can tolerate a momentary power break when relays inside stabiliser change transformer tappings.

Servo type stabiliser is for sensitive electronic devices (desktop computers, modems, etc.) which shut down or reset even with brief outages of say 1/4 second.

Starting wattage of loads is from 1 to 6 times the running wattage printed on the label but this high load is only for a few seconds. For example an incandescent bulb or clothes iron starting wattage is same as running wattage but airconditioner starting wattage may be 4 to 6 times running wattage.

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It is relay type stablizer… And i want to run two 1.5 ton split ac. One refrigerator and and deep freezer…medium size… I want to put this 10k watt relay type stablizer on my main line…

I used 5.5 KW relay type stabiliser with one 1.5 ton window type a/c 15-20 years ago and it was OK. So … I would put only one 1.5 ton split (10 amps) plus one fridge (4 amps) plus one freezer (3 amps) for a total of 17 amps x 230 volts ÷ 0.8 pf = 5 kva on the stabiliser to keep margin for starting loads as compressors on each appliance cycle on and off at 4-6 times running current.

Keep in mind that clicking noise of relay type stabiliser is quite loud and noticeable especially at night

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How much this ten thousand watt stablizer wil affect my bill if i keep it on 24 hr…thanks a lot for details

Transformer losses are the main power wastage / losses in a stabilizer. In the absence of full information, I would expect 10-15% loss. You can Google or see which is about large transformers but gives some useful info

your ACs are inverter type or non inverter ? IF non inverter you cant run both ACs on this stabilizer bcz of the surge . Regarding power loss , you will not lose any power or they are not noticeable IF there is some load on the stabilizer .

Well… Just running both 1.5 ton ac on this stablizer… For now it is working fine…there is a lot of voltage drop in our area… So it is working fine

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