Regarding ps3 and xbox360

Oh well gaming guru's am not much familiar with gaming.I got one question regarding this pirated cd's which run on xbox360 when its modded and it doesn't run on ps3..whats stopping it from not running on ps3? searched google but couldn't get better answer.

Could you please elaborate your question?

Are you referring to games or movies?

360 games dont work on PS3 at all

oh well..Am talking about the plays pirated games but ps3 doesn't support one except original games which are quite expensive.Why are hackers unable to hack ps3 yet?Is it because of ps3 uses blueray disc drive and xbox have simple dvd drive?

PS3 has been hacked, but the hack itself is costly (Rs4500-5000 for USB, and Rs5000-10,000 for external HDD)

Also are you willing to download 20-40GB for a single game

OOO man :D Its way expensive

^And the hack is 'fixed' in firmware updates. Meaning your Rs.4500-5000 device becomes useless once that happens. Also, new games like Medal of Honor will require the latest firmware to play where the hacks are fixed.

And there is no supply chain set up either for PS3 games. I don't think people rip 40GB games and upload them. The picture quality is nearly the same on Xbox360 (and usually its better than PS3, especially for older games) because though PS3 has better hardware, it is difficult to code for. The exclusives are much better on PS3 right now.

BTW Xbox360 Slim's hack isn't released yet either, though it'll be out in a few weeks.

hmmm.. why doesn't MS come up with blueray drive for xbox like sony did for ps3?

That's because it doesn't need a Blu-ray drive. Blu-ray games are filled with uncompressed crap from what I've read, it doesn't make a difference. MS just compresses it and puts it in an 8.4GB dual-layer DVD. That ends up taking less space for backups too. The other thing is, it'd require an add-on drive for older Xboxes, changes in software and stuff.

So for us Pakistanies ps3 is a NO NO :D xbox rules all the way

100 % Agreed.

What is the games release ratio between these two consoles. I read somewhere that there are more games *including big hits!* currently relased for Xbox as compared

to PS3.

No, that aint true. There are more exclusives for PS3 than Xbox360.

Who wants to play games on playstation 3 when you can get games on xbox360 on 100 or 150Rs ehhe

Cost does decide what to buy and what to not! You are right.