Regal game

Is there any game with the name of Regal?

A friend of mine asks me everyday, have you find the game or not?

Its from 1990's decade and used to be in video game shops.

Now help me to find it.

I thought it Power rangers but he insists it was Regal or something like that. A man used to go forward on different paths and used a punch in defence. The sun also followed that person and the man had to fought it. Something like that.

Please shae me if you find something relevant.

Hahaha, that was Rygar. Awesome game of its time. I've finished it atleast 50 times. :D

BTW, i just read the article myself, and there seems to be 2 HQ ports of the game, one for the PS2, and the other for the Wii. :D I'm grabbing both, will play them via emulators. B)

oh my post was deleted :o .... ya its available on internet! both versions! but i dont own a Wii or PS2 :P

Thanks Upsilon bro.

Downloading it from here:

He has to play on laptop.