Recover deleted audio call recordings

There are so many apps that claim to restore all the deleted audio call recordings of your phone. The app that I used to get is the call recording recovery app that does my job.
I was formating my phone to remove the junks and to make some space to download some new apps on my phone. As I was doing this job I also searched for the audio calls on my phone and with any hesitation, I deleted all of them as I thought that there are useless for me. After the deletion of all call recordings, I got in mind that there are audio call recordings that were so much important for me as I recorded all the user requirements from my Clint. With this I was shocked! rally shocked. like I cant ask all these questions that I asked before. And Clint was such a busy person that he has no such free time to do the repetition of uncomfortable meetings. I searched a lot and downloaded a lot of data recovery apps. and after a long headache, I get this delete recording recovery app.

what is the name of app

Recover deleted audio call recordings by Nauman khalid