Recording LandLine Calls?

Hi Guys,

Is there any way i can record my calls that i received on my ptcl landline oR vfone? i want to record them on pc ? is there any way or any hand set which provide the recording feature...i want to know urgently if any body can help then pls...

Thank You :)

^ you must be kidding ?

use voice recorder feature in your Multimedia Phone (iPhone, Galaxy S2) and record your calls while attending them in full speak ON and then transfer your mp3 file from Phone to PC!!

Is that not simple?

Case Closed


He is talking about a landline phone or vfhone.


There are tons of commercial software available on internet. just search for "PC Answering Machine" etc in Google or any search engine.

But there is shortage for a free and good utility for this purpose using windows OS. and you need to search hard finding one.

However one approach is to use free Audio recording software like "Audacity"

There are two methods

Method 1

If your phone set has audio-out port, just plug it in your sound card line- in port and run Audacity to record conversation.

In case of there is no audio-out port on your phone set then use method#2

Method 2

You need a voice modem and a Mic for this method.

* Plug your phone cable in modem line-in port and run Audacity

* Set your recording device to phone in Audacity.

* Click start and type dialer.exe in Run command

* Place or receive a call using phone dialer and record it using Audacity.

If you need further assistant, just PM me.

Good luck