Recording A Tv show

I Want to record a Tv Show plz help me on how can i record on dvd or something and what method Yo guys using no vcr plz

if u dont want to use a vcr, u have these two options (in my opinion):

1. use a dvd camcorder, put in in front of the tv, record straight onto a dvd

2. use an internal/external tv tuner card, record onto the hdd, burn it onto a dvd


For how much can i get a tv tuner card and how to set it up

i suppose the more knowledgeable guys here will be able to quote you the latest price. i got one for about 6k but that was a couple of years ago.

there are at least two varieties available i.e usb and mini-pci (laptop)/pci (desktop). the card comes with a drivers cd/dvd plus some necessary software for recording & editing the movies. most of the cards support a variety of inputs like cable/tv/vcp/vcr/camcorder.

so basically u just have to buy a tv tuner card, install the drivers & software, plug-in your cable into the card and record :)

of course u can later choose any dvd-burner software (e.g nero) to burn the movie onto a dvd.

...hope this helps :)

UPDATE: price quoted on Galaxy(dot)pk ranges from 1050 to 8000.

check the prices here. all of the cards can get you good quality recording, ofcourse the quality would be the same as reception.

thanx Bhai log