Recommend which 3D movie should I watch

So as stated this thread is about recommending which 3D movie should one watch

  • Is it worth it?
  • Is the 2D movie Better?
  • When should I watch it?
  • Which one would you want to see?

3D movies is 500 per person and the

3D glasses cost 150 extra (you can use it again when you go to watch another movie)

Is it worth it?

if your pocket allows you to then yes why not

Is the 2D movie Better?

if given the choice would u watch a movie on CRT or HDTV

When should I watch it?

Find out show timings and visit at your own convenience

Which one would you want to see?

i would watch Fast Five

Check the link out

but fast five is not on digital 3d yet....

K my bad!! ;)

how about Thor or Priest

priest is a flop....I would recommend u to watch Thor if u insist to watch in real 3d . Otherwise goto Atrium and watch Fast 5 in Cinema "B" . its cheap , the picture quality is awesome and the sound of cinema B is outclass. juz give it a try and letme know how was ur experience. Good Luck !

Thanks but I wanna watch Strictly only 3D

Wait for a few days, Rio will be played in 3D, that has better 3D effects than both those movies & a good movie too.

Rio 3D finished last week..

I am waiting for Harry Potter the last one to be released in 3D .. be it the first or second part i haven't watched either.. ere in Pakistan/

it will depend on the type of movies you like basically

but if you want to watch something now then thor/pirates of caribian is my recomendation

if you want to wait a while then x men first class, or tranformers

more info here

^The thread is about watching a 3D movie with the best experience in 3D. If you have watched a 3D movie in cinema then tell us if its worth it

RIO 3D is finished....U can watch The Pirates Of the Carribean from the 27th of june in atrium .

RIO 3D is back in has anyone watched it on a 3D cinema?

K gonna go to atrium please tell me which 3D movie to watch

  • Kungfu Panda 2
  • Thor
  • Rio

last day i watch 3d step up movie.

Has Anyone watched the new Transformers movie?

Is it worth watching in Atrium in 3D?

I have noticed that Atrium is not showing movies in 3D anymore...

Check their website, no 3D icon at schedule table.

Please anybody confirm, their helpline is also not very good.

Which website did you check bro

Transformers is in 3D.. <_<