-------Recommend TV please!-------

I need help in choosing an lcd tv in rs. 100k-120k (give or take 20k)

preferred screen size is 42"... but the more the merrier! :)

1. which brand to go for?? theres so many: samsung, lg, philips....

2. which features to look out for as added bonus?

3. can the new 100hz+ TVs be used in future as part of a 3D setup or is the 100hz thing just a marketing gimmick?

any sort of help is appreciated. do mention if you have an lcd telly and its good and/or bad points. THANKS!

I have no idea:(

We bought sony 2009, I dont know if it 36 or 42, :( but picture quality is very good but what I dont like is sony's lame software installed. Its so damn slow. Even if you have to tune a channel you will have to start all the way. Also the stereo sucks for the local cable wala. When the stereo is turned on, it gives voice with noices but it is great when I played the blue ray rip DVD movie but local cable walai channel is pathetic on the TV, mean whil emy other cousin bought samsung LCD of same size and I must say it looks so sexy but while tuning and playing with it I also came across with the lame lazy tuning system.

The reason Im saying all this is because I have a 21inch tv in my room and my friend have a LCD of LG, and the software is great. Its user friendly and doesn't makes you throw the remote sometime :S

Other fellow memebers will guide you best on video and audio stuff !! But do check out LG lcd's while checking out others too.

LG seems to give more value for money with more features packed into a screen in a comparable price segment as compared to samsung.

i personally have a samsung lcd monitor. its good. so im inclined towards a samsung lcd tv.

series 7 is all led tvs and way too expensive.

series 5 & 6 look nice but i have no idea about local market rates here in Pakistan. Anyone on that?