Recommend a Wireless Internet for Pindi

My friends wants to install a wireless internet in Tulsa road, Rawalpindi Cantt area.Can someone suggest a wireless connection that runs Youtube videos smoothly? SOme say telenor is some some say it is EVO of PTCL.I am confused what to suggest for his area.

use wateen

they have improved a lot

no idea abt pindi

i can tell abt lhr that people in lhr are enjoying 160kb on 1mb connection

but users say that there coverage is same as warid towers have

u better check a device at ur place

evo really sucks

u never get 3mb

most u will have is abt 200kb

and usually its down to 60kb

u need 100kb to run youtube smoothly

further u can visit wateen site and use coverage map to locate ur desired position and see if its suitable to use wateen or not