Recharging before Billing Date


My Wateen package is 1MB / 5GB and my billing date is 2nd of every month. What if my bandwidth is totally consumed before my billing date (e.g. its consumed on 26th of August while my billing date is 2nd of September) and I recharge my account on the same day (i.e. 26th of August) as soon as the bandwidth is consumed and don't wait for the billing date. Will the internet I use after this recharging be counted as Extra Use (i.e. Rs. 25 / 100 MB, I think) or will it be counted in my 5GB bandwidth usage of the next month (i.e. September)...

Thanks in advance!

you will be charged for .25 rs for 1 MB means the same as 100 MB per 25 rs till your bill date and on your bill date you would be charged completed line rent of 918 RS and then you would be given a bandwidth of 5 GB

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!