Rebirth of Pakistan's Movie Industry

Hey guys. I usually don't watch movies, but after watching Waar, a Pakistani movie. I have become a bit enthusiatic about the Pakistani movie scene. I did some google search and to my surprise, there are really good Pakistani movies, which are already out there or are going come out. So Im gonna post the trailers of these movies.

Please post information/trailers of Pakistani movies in this thread. Thanks.



The movie Moor is directed by Jami. Moor means Mother. The movie is about Pakistan railways, and it has been picturized in Balochistan.

Operation 021

This movie is like Waar ( Judging from the trailer). It also casts Shaan as the lead hero in the movie.

Downward Dog.



This movie is also directed by Jami and is set to be released in 2014. Its about a writer who gets "greedy" according to the director of the movie. Judging from its trailer, I think the movie is sort of a fiction because you can't tell which year it is set in. Its like old fahsioned but with mordern technology.

really very nice movie

FINALLY....!!! :)

KARACHI: In another of the headline grabbing motion picture associations to hit the domestic cinema market in under a month, media giant ARY Films has entered into a joint venture agreement with Mind Works Media to produce “hi-octane” Pakistani movies.

The joint venture, which was held at ARY’s Medina City Mall offices, launched “Delta Echo Foxtrot”, an actioner of “courage, sacrifice, passion and patriotism” set to release in 2014, and “Waar 2” the sequel of the immensely successful “Waar”.

“Waar 2” will be helmed by “Waar’s” producer and writer Hasan Rana, and is set to be shot in Pakistan, U.K., Russian, Turkey and Yugoslavia with “national and international superstars”.

At the occasion Mr. Salman Iqbal, President and Founder, ARY Digital Network said “After the super success of Waar and the sound relationship that we have developed with Mind Works Media, it is natural for both companies to bring their expertise together for even bigger and better movies. The fans of Pakistani cinema have proved that if we make a good film, they will watch and appreciate it”.

Commenting on the occasion Dr. Hasan Rana said that “We want all projects to be game changers and we want to push ourselves to the very edge of what is possible. We hope that we can come up to the expectations which the people of Pakistan have with us”.

This is the third association ARY Films has cemented in the last year, making it one of the biggest and the most versatile Pakistani cinema game changers in the last decade. The company’s other associations includes a collaboration with Mandviwalla Entertainment focusing on tent-pole commercial feature films, an indie unit “The Platform”, and the recent partnership with Riaz Shahid Films to produce a slate of four motion pictures, including an official sequel to Mahesh Bhatt’s “Arth”.

ARY Films (including “The Platform”) has so far released Josh – Against the Grain, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Lamha, Zinda Bhaag and Waar.

I heard Bilal Lashari would not be directing Waar 2.