Reasons to NOT have Facebook?

I have Facebook but its boring :o I'm thinking of deleting it but some friends say don't, what excuses should i make?

Yes you should delete it if you don't have nice/known & active people in your friend list

You can say your account was hacked :P

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I have Facebook but its boring :o I’m thinking of deleting it but some friends say don’t, what excuses should i make?


25 reason to not have facebooks

Just tell them Upsilon doesn't use facebook, that should be enough. :P

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I have Facebook but its boring :o I’m thinking of deleting it but some friends say don’t, what excuses should i make?


Just say ’ I can’t update my status every time I have bowels movements’.:lol:

Why delete? Just go MIA.

I don't use it..I simply don't like to use facebook/twits/orkut etc.. :D

Nice way of portraying that your account got hacked...... :)

great reasons.

But some people could not live without social networks even if it is Facebook or twitter or G +

Yes facebook is very boring now you all should get account at GooGle Plus,

its wonderful Check it

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but google plus is not offering new accounts for sign up :( i have a google plus account but there is no option to send requests to new friends , google plus is best and especially the circles make google plus more attractive ...

but i think that Google plus not able to compete with Facebook there are lot of reasons , the major reason is that , many of us invested lot of money on Facebook , i think all products have a fan page on Facebook ... so i think that it is not possible for Google to compete Facebook , but i t will give tough time to Facebook ..

tips to be successful on facebook

make 2 accounts on facebook one for your local & school mates and another for international with fake identity and contact addresses this will prevent you from trace & bad people like 1x1

don't register your real email with facebook always setup unused or alternative emails with facebook this will prevents your real email from dirty comment notification everyday

Deactivate it. It's a better option than deleting.

I really do like how Facebook lets me connect with people, keep up with developments in my social circle (eg my classmate had a baby!) etc. They're good enough reasons for me, because they make my life easier; I'm not social enough to make the effort to hang out with all these people but now I can maintain my contacts despite that. Plus, thanks to Facebook I no longer forget birthdays. :P

Just do what you wish to do.

I Never used facebook.. I always hate facebook / social networks... Waste of precious time. Its better to call or text your friend or some time go out for lunch/dinner with them

I totally agree with smartboy6637. I've seen people wasting hours on it everday. Never signed up for facebook.

I think we should create our own social networking website! :)