Reasonably priced Work Desks in Rawalpindi

Where can I find desks and chairs similar to this in Rawalpindi at reasonable/cheap prices. I would like to keep it modern and minimal. I know some shops in Islamabad/Rawalpindi sell similar Branded furniture but that is expensive.

Update: Muree road does not have these type of desks or anything similar. So will check Golra Market


find a carpenter,

get it made yourself.. that simple design is very cheap and quick to build.

@farhan_ds bolo to china se aik container mangwa dun :)

If you have time and all the necessary wood working tools you could make such pc tv tables at home

Apart from expensive branded shops selling this type of open floor/cubicle office desks, you can try furniture shops halfway through on the road linking Golra with Haji Camp/EME/GT Road adjacent to Army depot having Audi showroom. You will find similar furniture cheaper there but don't expect it to be too cheap wrt expense. You will have to look around and haggle, to find the best bargain.