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Read short stories online, write your own story and get paid for each chapter that is read is a platform to read short stories, post your own short stories and get paid for them as easy as ABC. At, you don’t have to wait until your story is completed to get paid for it. You get paid by the chapter each time a new person read a chapter of your story.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a professional writer to publish a story at, our editors will help edit your content before it is published. will only accept short stories of up to 6000 words and a maximum of 5 chapters

How it works
Every member is awarded wellcome credits, they can accumulate more or even buy more. You spend your credits to read stories you find interesting enough.

Writers earn credit each time a new person read a chapter of their story. Writers can withdraw their accumulated credits into their PayPal or any bank accounts anywhere else in the world.

Who can be a writer?
Anyone can join as a writer. We have professional editors to help polish and edit your interesting stories.

Go ahead now and join to start reading and posting your own short stories.

If you wish to contact us, please visit our facebook/penpeebooks

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