Razer Onza Gamepad

Hi guys,

So, I just bought an Xbox 360 wired controller from a local shop for PC, its a Chinese copy, it gets detected as an Xbox 360 controller, and works pretty much fine, but during game play you can tell, its a cheap knockoff, because of the button and stick sensitivities, i mean if you move the stick slightly, the response should be slight too, but it goes all the way, as if I have moved the stick all the way.

Anyways, I am thinking of getting the Razer Onza Game pad, it's available on Vmart and Shophive for 5200rs. I can also get a Xbox 360 wireless from them, but I don't think, they give the PC wireless receiver with it.

I have a few ques. about Razer onza,

1) Should I trust these online web stores, will the game pad be genuine?

2) Will it get detected as an Xbox 360 Controller? I mean, will the games automatically change their layout to controller, if this razer game pad is plugged in?