Rates of dry ups batteries

Can anyone please tell what are the current market rates for 130ah dry UPS batteries and which brand is good? Also recommend where can we buy it from? I plan to use 2 12volt batteries with APC UPS

You can go for Volta VRLA battery with warranty by Volta pakistan. 100 AH is something around 18000 Rupees

Hmm. Do you guys recommend dry batteries instead of Flooded Lead acid batteries to be used with APC UPS? I mean will dry batteries have much longer life than sealed Lead acid?

Dry batteries cost u double as of flooded acid battery,but they have long service life and durability and works good with imported systems like APC but there are imported ones only so if any thing goes wrong u have to rely on ur dealer.Sealed Lead acid are not much different than flooded since only difference is the water formation inside the plates and u dont require water on periodic basis.i.e maintenance free

For UPS systems Deep cycle Dry battery are good since u can dicharge it to maximum without affecting its performance, in lead acid battery u have limited discharge capability.

Volta VRLA battery is a simple lead acid battery with maintenance free feature but it will works good with APC UPS .

If interested in Volta VRLA batteries, make sure you buy them direct from the company to receive a hefty discount. I bought two 150 AH batteries recently from their regional office in Rawalpindi for Rs. 22,500 each when the retail price was Rs. 28,000.

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with apc ups, the best battery is a proper AGM battery.. a quality AGm battery like Sacred sun and high roller (narada new is dificult to find, most are used batteries) is a best match for apc ups meant to run for many many years. all our sacred sun batteries we installed in many places have been working on optimum condition for over 3 years by now and still ok.. my own home batteries are running for almost 1 year running whole home and fridges. another of our aquintance is running a gree AC on our sacred sun 4x 100AH batteries in summer with an apc ups..

there are different series of batteries meant for specifc use, which no shopkeeper know or tell you.. they sell mostly telecom batteries for use at home which they are not designed to be used as, and they run out quickly within 1 year, and then all your money is wasted.

as per cost, price is not double.. a 100AH deep cycle battery power ratning is almost the same as a 140AH wet battery, perhaps even more.. 140-165AH battery costs 14k in summer.. 18k for a deep cycle battery running for 3-5 years is a pure bonus., provided you use them with solar or APC ups only.