Rapidshare Premium Account for Sale

Rapidshare Premium Account for sale


Rs.700/month - (New Rates from 8th July, 2008 onwards..)

Original Price

6.99EUR = 6.99 x 112.8 = Rs.788.472

I have MONTHLY based accounts. (I cannot renew your existing account, Every month you will have to buy a New account.)

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Euro Rate - as per rates available on Forexpk.com - The Finest Financial Portal Of Pakistan on 5th July 2008

1 EUR = Rs.112.8

Previous Rates

19th Feb. 2008 EURO Rate was Rs.93.15 - RS Cost was Rs.651 ... My Rate was Rs.550

21st Mar. 2008 EURO Rate was Rs.97.35 - RS Cost was Rs.680.4765 .. My Rate was Rs.620

5th May 2008 EURO Rate was Rs.103.35 - RS Cost was Rs.Rs.722.4165 .. My Rate was Rs.660


How to Make the Payment?

Contact Person : Tahawee Masood ...OR... Taha Masood ...OR... Haseeb ur Rehman

Address : GAMX Cafe (upstairs Saleem Fabrics), Kareem Block Market. Allama Iqbal Town. Lahore.

(On a piece of paper please leave your name, email and phone number, and I will email you your account details)

My Contact Number

Name: Talal Masood

Cell: 0321-4443990


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it a shared account? Do you sell the same account to anyone else too?

A: NO! When you make the payment to me, I create an account at that very time only for you. After sending you the account details I do not have any control over your account.

Q: Can I share my account with my friend?

A: According to the Rapidshare Rules you CANNOT share your account. If you do they block your account.

Q: Will I get my payment back, if my account is blocked?

A: No! Once you made the payment and your account is created you dont get it back.

Q: Why am I getting an Error message that my account is already downloading files using some other IP Address?

A: 1- You cannot download a files at the same time using two different IP Addresses.

2- In DSL Technology when you restart your DSL Modem, your IP Address is changed. So, whenever there is a loadshedding the IP Address changes. In some cases Rapidshare cache your previous IP Address and gives you an error message. In such case, please try downloading after 15 minutes.

3- Note again, that I have not shared your account with anyone, so according to my knowledge only YOU are using the account.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: After sending you the account details, I do not have any record of it. So it is better NOT TO LOSE your password. In case you have forgotten, I can only make a TRY to recover it, but I DO NOT guarantee you that I can recover it.

Q: Are you an official Rapidshare Reseller?

A: No! I am not.

Q: On Rapidshare site it says when you buy a Rapidshare Premium account you get 8000 bonus points. Do I get them?

A: No you do not. As I already mentioned I am not Official Reseller of Rapidshare. That is the reason I am selling the Rapidshare accounts very CHEAP.

Q: Just to ensure, Do you hack accounts or something like that?

A: No Way! Everything is legal. I do not do any illegal things : )

Q: Then how you get the accounts?

A: No Comments :P

Q: I am not from Lahore (PAKISTAN), How can I make the payment?

A: I do not have any solution to it right now. If I give you my Bank Account Number, the bank will charge you extra Rs.100 for the ONLINE Banking service. If you agree to pay that, then contact me, I'll give you the bank account details.

Q: Do you accept Paypal/CreditCard/MoneyBooker ?

A: No!

Q: Can I MoneyOrder you the payment? Or Western Union?

A: I am not accepting MoneyOrders or Western Union right now. I'll inform you when I'll start accepting it. Keep a look at http://www.talalmasood.com/blog/rapidshare-premium-account for more updates.


I'm starting to get tired of people offering unbelievably cheap solution, claiming they are legal, yet not offering any kind of proof. Please explain how you offer cheaper than normal Rapidshare accounts. We have to protect members from fraud. Also please don't make any new threads regarding this topic, or you'll be banned for spamming. Thanks!