Pure RAPIDSHARE PREMIUM ACCOUNTs for sale, Hurry up or it will be saled with Cheap rates,

here the details of 2 accounts

Expiration date: Thu, 15. Jan 2009

RapidPoints: 20000

Expiration date: Wed, 14. Jan 2009

RapidPoints: 20000

in PKR only 2000 each

If any problems come , we are here to support you

Amount will be taken in cash or thorugh service

Contact me Via Pm

or email me


It;s our Guarantee to provide these accounts in very Cheap rates


Do you have a paypal account? Can you specify the cost in Dollars? These accounts are for 5 months right?

No Dude i don't have pp i also accept western union.

Again, can you specify the amount in dollars? Also, where are you located? I am in Karachi.

Dude contact me on yahoo


I will explain clearly

if you are in khi so why you are asking in $

Lol - ok fair enough, I thought you were not in Karachi. My bad!

I do not have Yahoo but I'll shoot you an email as soon as I get some time.