Ramzan timings of software houses


I was wondering what are the most common ramzan timings of software houses in Pakistan.


Najam D.

This is the most accurate one i found: http://hamariweb.com/islam/ramadan-calendar-timings.aspx

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This is the most accurate one i found: http://hamariweb.com…ar-timings.aspx


LOL! i guess OP didn’t asked for this. He meant the Office timings of Software house.

We are following 0800 - 1600 (8 am to 4 pm) timings in our software house in Islamabad.

8AM to 1:30PM at me office (I leave by 2-3)

7AM to 1:00PM at me bros Office

At me previous workplace it was

10AM to 5PM

Well in most software house the timing that gets followed is between 8am to 2.30pm ......