Ramadan Gift from Nokia

The Holy month of Muslims Ramadan is started, And Nokia has launched a new range of mobile applications and content for Muslims over Ovi Store, which are totally FREE

Boyoot Allah: The Boyot Allah helps Muslims to locate the nearest mosque using GPS service. This app also features locations of Major mosques around the world.

Quran: Read the full Holy Quran in Othmani font, search for words, put bookmarks on any Ayah or Sura using a multi-lingual interface and listen to the Quran narrated by famous Reciters like AlHudhaifi, Al Sudais, Maged farouk & Al Shuraim. The application provides you with an easy way of Quran memorization.

Hadith: An easy and convenient way to read the Honorable Hadiths from the famous Hadith books.

and much more...

Please visit the link to download and find out more http://store.ovi.com/publisher/ASGATech/