Ram in Laptop

Hi Guys,

I own a Sony VAIO laptop.It has only 1 ram 1gb which is very slow as i am running vista..I have 1 free slot..Will i have to open the whole laptop to install ram?

That depends on the specific model number. Usually, RAM is easily accessible.

Found a compartment below laptop and opened it and found 2 512 sticks :(.Now i will have to purchase 2 Rams..:(

Before you sell those two sticks and get two newer ones, run a registry clean program on your vista. I've found that to be the most effective way to speed up things. My brand new T7300 2Gb laptop was loading up vista in 3 minutes. After the registry clean, 30 secs from power on button.

The best registry programs for vista are:

1). Registry First Aid Platinum

2). System Mechanic