Raees Banned, why?

Mahira Khan’s Raees banned in Pakistan for portraying the wrong image of Muslims as Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of a Muslim gangster.

100s of other movies are portraying very positive image… (gujjar type movies…)

If it is bad for Muslim… then please ban other movies… where gangster is Hindu Sikh Christian… As other minorities also live there…

Please don’t ban movies on such ground… world is laughing at you…

ISLAMABAD: Bollywood movie “Raees”, has been banned to be shown in Pakistan as the central censor board finds it not suitable due to various reasons.
The movie, starring Indian super star Shah Rukh Khan and our very own film and tv artist Mahira Khan, was being eagerly awaited by the fans of both actors in Pakistan. They are now mush disappointed by this decision.
The censor board did a detailed three-day review of the movie and termed it ‘inappropriate’ for the Pakistani filmgoers.

Can we bring back the “UnLike” button ?.

Sheikh ‘The Urge Is Strong’ Chilli


download this movie from net …

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Let me also add here that I watched the movie Raees , although I usually don’t watch Bollywood hogwash.
I was blown awa by the hackneyed screenplay, predictable ending, bad acting (except for Nawazudding), anachronistic portrayal of society and how boring it was!
Mahira Khan is more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai and more dumber (sic) than Aishwarya Rai! The lady can’t act even if you give her a billion dollars. She’s pure garbage. But she’s still a better actor than Shah Rukh Khan.

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We all have mixed reviews, I just want to say that casting actors from across the borders will do nothing

its better for pakistan to ban Indian Content.

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