Radeon HD4670 or Geforce 9600GT?

Well I'm currently stuck between those two choices. :cool:

What would you guys suggest me for casual gaming?. My budget is 8k, so those two are the best that I could get in that range. Anyway, will my 350W PSU be an issue?

P.S. I'm currently running an Intel D945 chipset. 3.2ghz processor. 1gb ram.

Go for RADEON HD4760 and regarding to your second query 350Watt will run it but it would be fully loaded, i suggest u must upgrapd to 500Watts or minimum 400Watts

What do you mean by 8k?

it means 8000. :D

get 4670 sapphire ,you won't be needing psu upgrade.it would run smoothly on your casual games.it's for rs.7900

and read it all here > http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/286444-33-4670-9600gt

i had the same question.

Is your motherboard pci express or agp?

pci-express x16

@humza ... why sapphire? what about XFX or EVGA? How much difference is there in the those brands?