Quran in Urdu on the play store

Quran with Urdu translation’ is a smartphone app developed by QuranReadingTM made for Muslims worldwide so they can have the Holy Quran handy and with them at all times. It’s a concise app which occupies little size and compatible with android devices running android 2.3 and up. Its various features are:


  1. Translations

You have the default translation language as Urdu and it can be changed to other languages as well. Thus, offering convenience to users from multiple nations.

  1. Recitation aid

For readers facing any doubt in their pronunciation, they can listen to the audio to correct themselves. For its interface, the ‘play’ and ‘stop’ buttons are at the bottom of the page which displays ayah of any surah. You can also enable/disable transliteration to help in pronunciation.

  1. Sajood points and stop/pause signs

When reading any surah, you can swipe left to view the places of Sajood and the uses of stop/pause signs in the settings tab.

  1. Bookmark and ‘go to’

Set bookmarks to continue where you left off the next time you open the app. Also, jump directly to an ayah using the ‘go to’ and thus save scrolling time.

  1. Friendly UI

The app has a convenient UI thus giving users the flexibility of changing the display according to their wishes. You can search directly for a surah instead of scrolling down to the surah name and change the font size and style from the settings tab.

Download and install this free app so you can benefit from it by keeping the Quran handy and being able to read it whenever you like with its easy to use interface. Let it be a source of great sawab for you to help in the afterlife.

If any of you wants to recite, listen Holy QURAN with urdu translation, visit here Read Holy QURAN with Translation