Qur'an in Flash

Hi guys I just found a new Flash version of Qur'an. I liked so thought to share it. may be some of you have already seen it.


^ thanx for sharing .... nice

I had this for a year.

Why not change this post's topic to Quran in flash, and we share all links, Quran.



Nice sharing, jazakallah!

This is best thing for a Muslim on Internet. Its looking very beautiful and has peace in it for mind. Thanks to share.

These aren't Quran in flash but nevertheless:



please share more flash system books reading sites

seems gud

here u can listen online Quran with Urdu translation

JazakAllah, Few of us are doing really good job.

Thanks... Great one

Masha'ALLAH. You deserve 5stars for sharing it. :)

Great share. It would have been great, if we could download it


BTW i am looking for holy Quran in udru traslation is high quality preferably in FLAC format or MP3 and it would be great if the recitation/translations are surah wise.

Full surah recited/translated. 114 total.