QuicknEasy grocery shopping review (karachi)


I would like to write a review about QuicknEasy, an online grocery store that ships in Karachi and Lahore currently.

At first I was hesitant to use their service as we are talking about food, not consumer electronics.

I, then ordered groceries of about 700 pkr and they shipped it free of cost.

Also, their prices are pretty competitive as compared to their competitor (tazamart, yea i have tried it too, not impressed tho)

QuicknEasy successfully delivered in specified time frame both same day and next day. They called me to confirmed the order first which I did.

The groceries and food items were not expired. I got free samples from various brands as well, including a tissue box, tea and juices.

I am writing this because there is very much negativity in startup scene, I wanted to highlight the positive elements.

I hope Quickneasy maintains their standard in future as well.

This is not a sponsored review

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