Question about nulled scripts


First off, I'm never planning to use any nulled script at all. I'm just asking for knowledge. Please answer clearly:

The question is, I've heard many times that if we're on offshore server then no one can stop us from using nulled script. Is that true? What if the author complaint ?

Please reply.

The process that is followed for taking down nulled scripts or any other copywright violation is governed by DMCA ( Digital Millenium Copywright Act). When you are offshore , this legislation does not apply because it is made by USA . And by offshore we mean outside of USA. However , more and more offshore hosting companies are also getting serious about copywright violations but still there are many safe heavens , especially in eurpoean countires.

I guess, This type of discussion is not allowed

^ Kind of a gray area...

95% of the nulled scripts are backdoored... dont use them... unless you know your way around php or asp or the language they are in!