Question About CIR Internet connection

I m Going for Cyber CIR Connection, i want to ask Is it possible to get 512 CIR connection on a Copper wire ? Should i get Stable Speed ?

why are you going for a 512k connection when you can get 1mbps in same price, and you can search this forum you will find bad reviews about CyberNet's customer service.

If you are in Islamabad then go for MBL, they got best customer service and very stable speeds.

EDIT: I have used CIR connections, there is nothing much special about them, the only significant difference is in upload rate.

Thanks :)

All i want is Good upload Speed , So Cybernet is the right choice i guess.. I Live in hyderabad where there is not so many ISPs.

So Copper wire is enough for CIR Connection? I will be Using AZTECH DSL605 Modem for CIR

what is its upload speed ?

i mean can it give much batter uploading than ptcl ?