What if you have an urgent inquiry and u need immediate feedback?Even then we cant send mails to users??....

My 4th portion of the project is due on monday and i need to find users for that to fill up a questionnaire which is just gonna take 2-3 mint...How do i get the users to respond to this?? i really need help...

you can send a mail to 1 person if you have a query. But mass mailing everyone on this forum is spamming and now allowed

I would also think that would be against privacy policy of most forums.

you can try to post this on diff forum like wccftech.com to get faster reply but dont mail it to everyone that would be considered spamming

You can't email a survey to our inboxes without our permission. We are not just 'users', we are living and breathing people, and we are annoyed when someone tries to waste our time by sending unsolicited emails. It's that simple.

ok c'mon guys. its not as bad. First of all, i thinktheres an option in the forum to recieve email or not. u can always uncheck it. If u recieved email,you opted for it. and considering teh amount of spam we all must be getting, this one email doesnt hurt. just ignore it

Why don't you put those questions up on a webpage and allow

us to decide whether we wish to answer them and email the

results back to you ?.




Sheikh 'Mujaddad-e-Saani' Chilli

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Why don’t you put those questions up on a webpage and allow

us to decide whether we wish to answer them and email the

results back to you ?.




Sheikh ‘Mujaddad-e-Saani’ Chilli


That’s a good idea

Sidra, sending an urgent inquiry via a yahoo group is mass enough on it's own without mailing to them each individually and even if you mailed each member, it doesn't mean they'll give you immediate feedback or fill out your questionnaire, they may however fill out the abuse form or report you.

I wouldn't rely on the web for completing projects in a timely manner.

now this seems a real serious case to me...

The suspect iz realy suspecious....

And iz a guy cuz i hav never seen girls using their ful name on forums(atleast a !@#$ girl dosnt do tht)

he is trying to gather info from people for some real suspicious purpose

the way he used dialogs my internal 007 says tht he is trying to gain as much attention as he can

if we ll answer to tht mail adres our real email id and hence we are in danger of alot of spam in future...

I once gave my email to such a website couple of years ago and they sold my email to so many that i stil receive spams..

And if she got that project! Then i hav nvr seen such smal time(he said til monday) for such big survey...

So i m gona cal 911..or


and my last sugesion iz to stay away from him/her

as she smels realy pungent suspicious

btw sidra zara apna number tau mujeh mail kerna so i can check

and may be i can help u in real manner ..

Simple solution as far as possibilities on this forum are concerned: Request for the thread to be made a sticky.

Secondly, emailing like you did is spamming. Your university must have a mailing list. Just post your query over there too so the people on that mailing list can respond.

BTW, this thread is in the wrong forum. Moving it now..