Qubee WiMax Device Signals

Just bought a Qubee WiMax Device, dont know for sure if a high CNIR value is good or a lower, mine is 37.42 dB, So is it good??


What about RSSI and Modulation values ?

In Allama Iqbal town lahore, the signals strength at USB shuttle is poor. Last night, Qubee guy came and shuttle did not connect at ground floor. On first floor, signals were good but there was connecting problem again and again. So i would try with their WIFI device now, which may perform better then USB shuttle.

Don't worry. Not selling devices, selling services.

If you don't have proper coverage installer won't leave the device, because you can't activate it. A customer can only active account/device which is approved by NOC , and NOC approves only those devices which are receiving standard values of RSSI , CINR and Modulation.

In other services usually installer comes as a delivery man who gives device and tells customer to wait for a call to activate. If you are lucky you get the satisfactory service otherwise go for refund etc.