Qubee. What do YOU think about it?

Becoming sick of my wi-tribe connection, I wanted to ask YOU about YOUR experience with Qubee? Their packages seem nice except the connection charges with the WiFi device. BUT Thats not a problem. I'll use my router to transmit using the simple device. Should I go for it? Its cheaper than what i'm paying fo! (1MB Wi-Tribe 12GB dll @ 1400 vs 1MB Qubee 12GB dll @ 1000

EDIT: I've been getting .2-.4 MBPS on a speed boosted connection which should give me 1.5MBPS for the past 2 months. I've called their customer support and they say ke aap ke ghar 24-48 ghantoon tak banday a jaien gay but those guys never show up! This is why I wanted to switch. I've posted about switching to PTCL but the guys there said that its an absolute NO NO and asked me to go for qubee hence i posted here. Also my area is covered =)

I would recommend you give the "Shuttle" with unlimited 1Mbps package, a try. But first, check whether your area has ample coverage from Qubee or not. Their service is pretty good, though it would be even better if pings were lower. Right now I play tf2 on MBL servers and average ping i get there is approximately 350ms. That's significantly higher than what I get on wateen (190-250). Wi-tribe has the best latency and ping amongst all three, coming on top with 120-150ms max. I'd call the customer support if I were you.

I have called them and they say : Jee hamaray paas to bilkul theek hai. We will send our team to check it. But guess what? Their team never shows up. Why I cannot go for the shuttle is simple: Dad needs to use internet on his iPhone and at times his laptop with mobility and whenever thats the case, the times are conflicting so we cannot share it.

Set up an ad-hoc wifi on your laptop to share the USB internet connection in your home - that's what I've done with my DSL. No need to purchase a router and make things more complicated.

The downside is that your laptop would have to

1) access just this specific point only (in other words, you can't use any other wifi APs)

2) the laptop would have to remain on.

If you don't have a laptop, you can do it with a PC that has a wifi card.

Use the software connectify if you have a notebook.

I am using 515 ,USB... At first its speed was pretty good but now it dc often and speed is also low.. Let us wait and see....

I,m using Qubee in my office,the internet speed is pretty well than others internet service provider

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I,m using Qubee in my office,the internet speed is pretty well than others internet service provider

Thanks for sharing your experience

I've been given a trial to test Qubee sometime back. It wasnt the best of wireless service that I've used, dont know how they're progressing these days. And by the way I've not yet tested their USB device so no idea about it.

Qubee has just been satisfactory for me...it has not fulfilled my hunger for the ultimate streaming and download speed

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