Qubee: Non professional way to send service alert

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On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 7:44 PM, Qubee Customer Care questions@qubee.com.pk wrote:

Qubee Customer Care would like to recall the message, “Qubee Service

Maintenance Activity Notification”.


My Reply

What wrong with qubee, its simple stupidity that qubee staff did not managed mailing list instead of that you sent mail to all of your customers, and showed everyone’s email to everyone.

This is super non professional way, you handled this notification.

I am going to “Reply to all” so every will know whats your way to handle customers.

I hope soon all of your customers will start yelling at you, because this list can be use for spamming purpose. Lot of junk mails expected in our mailboxes.

Why I am doing this ? because i had launched a complain related to billing (9619) on 2nd Jan, there were no response from qubee team, i called you 4 times to remind about my issue, but no one bothered to look at that.

So i hope now you people will act on both of complains.



Dear TA,

Please send me that whole email with full header?

Are some wateen employees working for Qubee now ?