QMobile X400 Review

Here goes another review... This time it's the latest QMobile X400.
The Unboxing & Phone Outlook:
The Specifications:
Launch Date: November 2014
Size: 131 X 65 X 7.8mm
Weight: ~130 g
Battery: 1800 mAh
OS: KitKat 4.4.2
Chipset: MTK MT6582
CPU: ARM Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz Quad-Core
GPU: Mali-400 MP
RAM: 1GB ROM: 8GB (1.5GB available to system, 3.7GB available to phone storage)
Display: IPS 480p (854x480) 4.5" Screen (217 PPI)
Camera: 8MP Auto-Focus with single Power-LED flash + Front 2MP cam
Video Recording: Yes, 1080p @ 30FPS back, and 720p @ 10FPS front.
Dual-Sim: Yes (2x Micro-SIM slots)
Micro-SD Slot: Yes (upto 32GB officially supported)
Bluetooth, Wifi, Edge: Yes
4G/LTE: No
GPS: Yes with A-GPS support
FM: Yes with Recording support
Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass Sensors: Yes
Additional Sensors: Yes, Some
Notification LEDs: None
Smart Gestures: No
Price at the time of review: 14,500 PKR
Clone of: Gionee CTRL V4S
Official Product Page: http://www.qmobile.com.pk/phone-x400.html
The Review:
Build Quality:
Build quality is simplistic but sturdy. The body has a thick plastic finishing, there's a nice carbon texture to the back cover, though there's no fancy reflective coatings or such. The plastic on the sides have a centralized steel paint job, which looks kind of classy. The phone feels good to hold in the hand although it's a bit slippery, so you might wanna put a good grip on it when you hold it. The back cover is a bit hard to open, the 'locks' are a bit on the tighter side, but not really much of an issue unless you're the type who're continuously switching SIMs.
The front has the 4.5" 480p IPS 16M color screen with a PPI of 217 (the same as Galaxy S2). The screen quality is rather good for a non-HD unit. The colors are bright and deep & the viewing angles are wide. The pixelization is only noticeable while browsing with small texts. Touch is smooth and responsive as well. Unfortunately there's no notification LED's just like most other Gionee phones, you're gonna have to live with that.
OS and Apps:
This one comes with KitKat 4.4.2 installed by default. The interface is mostly stock with some minor but welcome customizations by Gionee. The phone comes with the usual mainstream casual apps pre-installed (you can get rid of most of them without needing to root). On first startup you get around 500MB of free RAM, and it only goes lower from then as you continue to use the phone by the usual means.
Kitkat is definitely a welcome upgrade over the usual Jellybean on these chinese devices, and it works well here, there's no obvious battery drain issue, no heat-up issue or otherwise, so that's good. One thing i'd like to mention though is that there's a little bit of lagging here and there (usually while switching apps, or using a custom keyboard like swiftkey). This may be due to Kitkat, but in any case it's not frequent enough to be annoying so that's good.
Calls and Messaging:
Calling is fine, there's a little bit of muffling from the other end, but not too bad. The microphone is ok though, no issues from this end. Loudspeaker performance is also pretty good, loud and clear for a mono speaker.
Messaging is the usual. The default keyboard is not swype supported so installing Swiftkey or equivalent is recommended if you're into texting.
Multimedia and Gaming:
Multimedia experience is decent. The high-quality 480p screen is large and punchy enough for watching movies on the go. Everything looks as good as it can on a non-HD screen. Due to Kitkat OS, the format/codec support is pretty diverse and playback is silky smooth even on high-profile AVC videos. The gallery is also improved, the layout is more organized and the flicking is more responsive.
Music playback is also pretty decent. The phone supports DTS Surround Audio and the overall quality is on the positive side. It's not very loud though, so if you're the kind who likes to bleed their ears may not find it satisfactory, but for the usual music lovers, it will be loud and clear enough. Bass is also decent but once again the not so loud volume reduces the "boom" effect of the bass.
Stereo FM radio with RDS is present and it works well even indoors. FM recording option is present as usual on these phones.
Gaming is fun on the phone. By default it doesn't come with any game pre-installed which is a good thing. The hardware although not the beefiest anymore is still powerful enough to handle the most demanding games well enough. The phone has a Mali-400 MP GPU which isn't all that great, but since it's running a measly 480p display here, the performance turns out rather good most of the time. The casual games like Subway Surfers & Temple Run are of course working flawlessly, the more demanding games like GTA Sanandreas are also performing well on customized mid-high settings.
Camera and Camcorder:
The camera interfece is nothing fancy, but has all the important bits available. All the usual modes like HDR, Burst-shot, Panorama, Face/Smile detection, Beauty-Shot/Eraser etc are available. Special effects like color filters & clip-arts are also availble. Shutter-speed is also pretty fast. Auto-Focus works well most of the time, though sometimes manually pointing out focus-point becomes a necessity.
The image quality itself is above average. As usual, daytime/outdoors result is satisfactory, while nighttime/indoor result is dissapointing. In bright conditions, the amount of resolved detail is adequate & the color representation is accurate (slightly more saturated and there's a slight hue of pink but it's not damaging and mostly turns out fine). Sharpness is fair (can be manually adjusted if desired). In not-so-bright conditions, the noise keeps getting higher depending on the lack of brightness in the area, the pics are still usable on social networks, etc.
The single power-LED flash is rather bright. It works really well at reasonable distances (but still far from Xenon Flash). It also works as a rather good torchlight.
Front cam is pretty decent in well-lit areas, can take good selfies with good colors and enough detail.
Video-recording is also adequate. It can record Full-HD/1080p videos (1920x1088 to be exact) videos at a steady 30 FPS. Video bitrate is around 17mbps, audio birtate is 128kbps (stereo audio), container is 3GP. A 30 seconds clip will take around 60MB. The level of detail is above average but nothing overwhelming. The videos are rather smooth without any obvious jittering though, so that's a welcome improvement.
* External camera apps can be used to record videos at customized bitrates & in MP4 container if you want.
Browsing and Battery performance:
Browsing is butter smooth the majority of the time. It doesn't have any problem with most heavy websites. Zooming and tab-switching works well. Unfortunately Kitkat OS doesn't support any of the official versions of Adobe Flash, so if you want to browse flash content, you're gonna have to install a modified version of Flash or a custom Flash-browser. HTML5 content works well though and is the way to go. All common video-streaming websites worked absolutely fine (including some adult websites with proxies or Orbot).
Battery performance is sufficient. A whole day with typical usage is achievable. The phone doesn't have any obvious standby battery draining issue which is persistent on many kitkat 4.4.2 phones. Media performance is also on the better-side. On just 2% remaining battery i was able to listen to over an hour of music at max volume (via earphones of course). The phone still didn't turn off with just 1% battery remaining when i plugged in the charger.
Let's put down the pros and cons first.
Comes with vanilla Kitkat OS with slight modifications. No obvious issues in the ROM. Less bloatware than usual.
Impressive performance and benchmark scores with comparable specced phones.
Simplistic but ultra slim and sturdy build. Doesn't feel cheap.
Good overall multimedia performance. Display is impressive irregardless of the resolution.
Camera is one of the better ones in this price range, though it's only mediocre when compared overall.
Great specs/price ratio.
No Notification LEDs.
Could've benefited with a more powerful battery.
Based on all that i come to the conclusion that it is a rather good purchase. You're getting a lot of bang for the buck & there are very few complaints. Gionee has proven itself over time, they make some good phones i tell you!
Overall: Recommended!
This review is a little shorter than usual as I've streamlined it. All the important bits are there, and unnecessary jabber is removed. Also, i haven't added any watermarks on the images for better viewing.
This review may be updated over time as i continue to play around with it.
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Cam Samples:
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Well, unlike usually where I'd write a Review-In-Progress, this time I've completed it before posting it. I may edit or update it if i feel necessary, but the review is mostly accurate based on my 60+ hours of usage with the phone. I actually went out to buy the M90 due to it's impressive battery (4200mAh), but the shopkeeper recommended me to go for this one instead because it just came out and it has a better build. Myself being the 'curious cat' went with it and am happy to say i made the right call. The phone's good, specs-wise it's pretty much the same as the M90 except that it has a better display (the M90 has a non-IPS 480p display on a 5" panel), comes with KitKat, and has a slim and sleek profile. The M90's single advantage over this is the double-sized battery.

So that's that.

Feel free to ask any questions... I hope the review turns out useful to someone some day. A few likes wouldn't hurt either. :P ;)

now THAT.... is how a God dam review Should be..

Good Flash photography showing every detail in large size and clear hi-res every angle of box and phone

well detailed personal experience.

properly copied specs sheet and organized headings with relevant details.

simplified explanations and quality summary of product at the end.

even though its a low end phone not requiring such an elaborate review, the actual reviewing is spot on an highly interesting read

5 Stars for the review.. B) B) B) B) B)