Qmobile Noir A5 Classic review anyone?

I'm thinking of buying the QMobile Noir A5 Classic, soo I need some opinions on how it works. If anyone owns it, please response :) It's lowest price available in the market, samples of it's back and front camera photos, overall usage.. Thankyou! :)

Have you tried posting this question at Pakgaymers?

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@Konainhunain If your budget isn't restricted, then i would straight up suggest you to go for instead for a little more money. It's totally worth it.

But if your budget is indeed restricted to the amount of that phone (A5 Classic is 10,500), then i would recommend A7 instead. It has more features, Jellybean, a better display and a dual-core CPU, and it is also priced almost same (10,900).

In the end, it's your own decision.

@Wire ummmm? No?

@Upsilon yeah my budget is kind of restricted.. Will take a look into A7 too :)

FWIW, I have never heard many complaints from a lower end Qmobile users. Even the Rs. 2000 phones are pretty solid from what I hear. People who used to have Rs.10000 Nokias which got snatched now have Rs.3000 Qmobiles.

My hesitation about this "brand" is the lack of quad band and, less so, HSDPA support. But one could question why someone living in Pakistan wants a 3G phone, and why you wouldn't pay more for a name brand. You can kind of have the phone experience of the rich with Qmobile, maybe. And you will still wonder what it feels like to hold a real top shelf woman, I mean phone in your hands, day in and out. With a Qmobile, your co-workers won't wonder how you wound up with a phone like that. They will know you settled. Most days will be good, but there will be nights when you look over at the Qmobile on the pillow next to yours, and you'll wonder, "What if I had dared to dream, just put myself out there a little more? Is this all there is?"

The perfect phone for Karachi's streets is a Saturday night special with call/text send/receive ability. Till then, there's Qmobile.