QMobile E125 review

QMobile E125 review

Recently i was in need of a cheap dual-sim handset

Went to a Q mobile outlet in Saddar and bought a Qmobile E125

Both sims are active at the same time sms can be received and sent through both the sims simultaneously

but when you are using one sim for calling the other would give a busy tone...

the market price is 2400 Rs/-

the box does not contain any cd's so you have to download the drivers from qmobile website ( which i would not recommend cause after downloading and installing the drivers and pc suite my system started acting up.......)

there is a blacklist number option in the phone settings Just figured out how it works you have the option of blocking 20 numbers

the sound quality is satisfactory

the keys are not good and i dont expect the keys on my handset to last very long my guess is no more then 6 months max

as a secondary phone it does the job but if nokia/samsung launch Dual sim cells in this range 2500-3000 then Qmobile will need to change their strategy..... ( from what ive heard nokia is going to launch dual-sim handset at a starting price of 4k)

thats all folks

i m using QMobile E125 since last three months as my secondary set. So far I m satisfied with its performance, though the sound quality is on the lower side but its a good set considering the price and dual sim options.

Other Features include






Currency Convertor

World clock

Stop Watch

Ebook Reader





Image Viewer

Audio Player

Sound Recorder

Fm Radio

Schedule FM record

Melody Composer

Call settings


Auto redial

Call time display

Call time reminder

Auto quick end

Reject by SMS

My estimation of the keypads to works for six months was a mistake the navigation key is dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will go to Qmobile service center in a day or two to get it fixed

i have Q mobile E900 i think its very best from others Q,