Qmobile A900 or A910

So I'm in the mood for changing my phone again, thinking about either the A900 or A910 (A550 also seems like a good option, but it's currently short on the market)

This is A900:


This is A910:


And this is A550:


A910 and A550 just came this month, while the A900 came around 6 months ago. Feature wise both A900 and A910 are pretty much the same except that the A910 has a 5mp frontcam compared to the 2mp on the A900, and it also has built-in smart gesture support.

A900 seems to be the stylish and better looking one while A910 is more traditional design. Build quality also seems to be better for the A900.

What should I go for?

Once i get the phone, I may do a free review for you guys just like last time with the QM A51. B)

Haha, just found the Micromax clone of A910 (i know it's the other way around): http://www.gsmarena.com/micromax_canvas_turbo_mini-5994.php

The chipset is lower than A900 (a910 = Mediatek MT6582, while A900 = MT6589). Also the GPU is weaker (a910 = Mali 400 same as the A51, while A900 = PowerVR SGX544 MP which is twice as powerful)

I wasn't able to find a Micromax clone of A900 (makes sense why it looks different, it is a clone of some other Chinese company).

So yeah, I've made my mind. Gonna go with the A900 as it is definitely a better phone for the same price. No doubts about that.

Thanks to me, and this thread can be closed now. :rolleyes:

See you in the review! B)