Q Mobiles

i want to buy a Qmobile hand set Q5 ,Q4,Q3i (which one is better in these?). I need and suggestions about this brand.

Assalam O Allaikum

I own Q5, its upsides are.

- java enabled handset

- you can install java applications on the memory card, so no samsung like limited memory issue

- good sound quality

- good signal reception.

- dual sim (of course)

- internal menu is a copy of LG

- phone suit (with phonebook sync) (again lg)

- The computer detects the modem as MKTXX (again lg).

- It is trilingual (English, Arabic, Urdu).

- Have Urdu characters printed on the keyboard.

- Can find its content, using Micromax Q5 (same mobile with different brand in India) on getjar.com.

Down side

- Urdu/Arabic font rendering is not good, and sometimes you wont be able to read whats written.

- for running a java based application, only 3MB is spared, which causes a lot of problem

- Some applications which requires internet closes themselves and runs the default browser.

- Cannot allow an application to use internet without asking at least once per run.

- Installed opera 4.0 cannot be upgraded to version 5, however you can separately install 4.2

- Advanced applications like gmail, google maps are not supported, in fact, I can't run a single map application on this mobile.

- Supports Arabic Input, but the characters are not printed.

- Hard to find online content, because this device is not on the popular websites list.

The down sides of Q3 and Q4 are,

- have less ram,

- does not allow java based installations.

- Do not have Urdu/Arabic input, however you can read a sms in Urdu.

I hope that's useful for someone.