Q Mobile Rip Offs Dany Technologies

The technology boom around the world has certainly not left Pakistan untouched and with the recent telecom advancements in the country, we can hardly overlook its long-term impact.

Smartphones have entered our lives for good and it is no longer surprising to see a domestic worker listening to music and working his/her fingers on a touch screen. Mobile computing is a relatively new market for this nation, however not completely unaccustomed.

Q-Mobile stands today as the largest selling smartphone brand in the country and thus was unexpected to discover a counterfeit in its midst. It seems that Q-Mobile has been smitten by Dany Technologies and has launched its own accessory box which to everyone’s surprise is a complete replica of the latter.

With the exact same contents, the Q-Mobile accessory box looks no different and is been pursued by Dany fans to be a copy cat act by the big Q!

I noticed the same thing a few days back when my friend showed me a Q tablet.. copy cats Qmobile..

so the Qmobile guys are getting stuff from the same Chinese company as Danys ...so what??

India gets the same stuff too and often before Pakis get their hands on it would'nt Dany be a copy cat too??

Qmobile rebrand mobiles after getting them from a Chinese company "Sky" .. Search on google and you'll find more information on this.