Push Email via SMS and Uconnect

1- Is there any way I can push emails via SMS? (SMS PUSH?)

2- I am on Ufone and I know Uconnect (http://www.ufone.com/mobpro_UConnect.aspx) has the ability to do so, but for some reason I am unable to subscribe to it. The call center staff doesn't seem to help. My intelligent guess is that it seems like the service is down? (as after an initial deduction of balance, it is returned to me after ~2.5-3 hours - happened twice - and also the sms doesn't deliver to the service number). Anyone using Uconnect? Telenor does have a similar service, which works okay - tested it personally - but I cant switch to Telenor.

I don't have a phone with push email service, so I look to some alternative thing.

PS: and, no, the number@ufone.com thing doesn't work.