Punishments for Cyber Crimes as Per Draft of E-Crime Bill

The Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) has finalized a draft proposal to make provision for the prevention of electronic crimes in the country. As stated in the draft, the Act is named the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2014.

Such an Act was definitely required in Pakistan as the use of IT across the country has grown exponentially in the past few years. Both businesses and individuals will surely welcome the implementation of this Act.

Commenting on the Draft the Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Ms. Anusha Rehman stated, “We are going to table a comprehensive Cyber crime bill before the cabinet which has been prepared in consultation with all stakeholders over the last 3 years. International best practices have been taken in to consideration while drafting it.”

The submission of the Draft to the cabinet is expected this week. The State Minister chaired a meeting to review the final draft of the bill. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Akhlaq A. Tarrar, Secretary IT, Mr. Muhammad Amir Malik, Member (IT), Mr. Yasir Qadir, Member (Telecom) and representatives from Ministry of law, PTA, FIA and representative of ISPAK, PASHA and Barrister Zahid Jamil.

It is learned that Barrister Zahid Jamil – and his team – drafted the bill.

Very Nice its Look Like That Pakistan is on the right track now :-)

Just like traffic police announces new schemes

(helmet, tinted glasses, seat-belt, etc) which are

mere ruses to harrass and loot the poor and

powerless in society.

IT could have taken off in Pakistan, just like it did

in India, etc. But instead of providing opportunities

they want to cook the goose 12 ways, before it ever

has the chance to lay a single egg.

Leghari, the IT minister under Musharaf who got

the ball rolling, is sorely missed.

Sheikh 'More Of The Same Ol' Chilli

Another wonderful news for our nations.
O wow! we are enjoying 10G instead of 4G and now we have 100MB/s DSL all over the nation even in "ٹںڈو اللہ یار ", "جھل مگسی"and "چیچوں کی مہلیاں",

O O O O O can't dare hold the technological advancement, we defeated the working performance of "Tianhe-2" decades ago!
So who gives a #$%# about such pewny little laws.

#$%^%$# Ganjas and jialas, just keep on going in the same direction, don't spend on infrastructure, don't spend on education.

just keep on passing such Assholist laws.