PTCL Woes - Please Help!

Eid Mubarak Friends,

I have an issue that I would like your opinion on. I have been using PTCL broadband for past year. I have a 4 MB package. Everything was working very well with occasional disconnections once a week or so. The speed was very good and I was happy. Then, in September I received a letter from PTCL that they will be upgrading some back end phone stuff at Misri Shah exchange and my phone service may be disturbed for a week or so. Let me mention that I am in DHA Karachi phase 5. So, the upgrade week I had some service related issue but I was prepared and thought it will go away after they are done. It was not to be. During that week we had constant disconnects and since September I am suffering from the same issue. The issue is Internet is never on for more then few hours. It disconnects constantly. It seems modem synchs every so often and reboots itself. Sometimes diagnostics show DNS error or sometimes it just can't contact the ISP. The DSL light is usually Green. I opened a ticket with PTCL and online 2nd level support guy tried to configure the modem. It didn't help. I escalated the issue and they sent a guy home. This guy could not find anything. To be honest I don't know what he was going to find since modem was already configured. I called again and another second level guy told me that may be it is a back end port issue and he was going to have it fixed. No such luck. I called again and this time a new guy showed up with a new modem. We replaced the modem but same issue continued. Constant disconnects. I am at a complete loss and don't know what else to do. I am in IT for past 15 years and I think during the upgrade they f'ed up something and now can't resolve it. I am amazed that how can they call this an upgrade and break people's connections. I have few questions'

1. Should I give up and go with some other broadband service which will provide 4 MB service? My understanding is all DSL providers will use the same PTCL wire.

2. Is cable modem a good option in Karachi DHA?

3. Is there a solution for this current problem? Did anyone else experience this issue? I mean how can they just let this go on?