PTCL Wireless Evo vs Nitro

Hi All, can anyone post their personal experiences to make it clear which is better..Evo RevA 3.1Mbps or Nitro RevB 9.3Mbps?

I've gone through so many posts but it's still doubtful especially in lahore..

more results from lahore will b appreciated as i need to upgrade my evo which gives me a constant dl speed of 35kBps and that's crap!!!!!!!!


to me EVO RevA is better.

hi nouman..r u in lahore? if yes, wot part? wots the dl speed u r getting?

I would request all of u to post speedtest results from lahore coz i just want to make sure that my device is ok and im getting the lowest dl speed becoz of technical glitch at ptcl's end.

I would then quote all the results from lahore in my email to PTA..

regards to all who participate.


WoW nouman.. you are getting 2.82 on Rev A? Man.. you are so lucky.. mate.. I am in pindi and I get no more than 1.5 mb max... and it's also during night at 12.

have you do any modification with Rev A?