PTCL Wifi router + Modem dilemma

I Purchased the Ptcl AN1020-25 wifi router/modem from ptcl for 3500RS about 1.5 years ago now the problem is its wifi connection suddenly stops establishing any connection as the wireless don't show up in the list of available networks or sometimes if it shows up and when I try to enter my password it doesn't establish any connection and go into hiding , A Ptcl guy visited my house and said that probably my modem wifi has gone bad and i need to change my modem in order for the wifi to work. So I went to the exchange and the guy there told me that he may replace my modem with another one but I have to pay 750 Rs for replacement and have to submit my modem as well after that he will issue me another modem which could be a new or a used product and may or may not be AN1020-25 router.

Now I am in a dilemma as I have 3 options

1. If I replace my AN1020-25 router/modem (which is my property) and pay 750 Rs more and hope that the exchange guy will issue me a better product or

2. Buy a 2 to 3k wireless network router from the market such as TP-link or Tenda and connect it with my AN1020-25 for wifi connectivity as my AN1020-25 modem is working fine , I was never satisfied withe the wireless feature of AN1020-25 but I am quite satisfied with its modem feature as it often establish uninterrupted reliable DSL connection even if there is some distortion in the line....

3. The third option I was considering is to buy a new router-modem such as TP-Link TD-W8961ND

which is selling for 3000 Rs at au-technologies , and could be a complete replacement for my AN 1020-25 router modem .

MY Major concerns are :

1. If I take option 1 and replace my AN1020-25 and pay 750 RS more The exchange guy may give me another product which could be used and have other issues such as non reliable DSL connection when there is noise in the line.....

2. If I go with option 2 and buy a wireless router first it would be a hassle connecting 2 devices such as modem with a router and what if later my modem goes bad as well then I have to purchase a modem as well later on as the wireless router would be useless without the modem .

3. IF I buy TP-Link TD-W8961ND wireless modem router I am not aware about its performance such as how does it work when there is noise in the line is it a good product or not ?

What do you guys suggest I should do ? which option should I take as I am unable to make any decisions........


- Kindly login to your router and post a screenshot of the wireless section ... or is there no wireless section??? ... If there is no wireless section showing up, it could indicate a faulty router, but, if it is showing up, then you probably only need to change the channel number (there are just 1~11 or 13 usually and your neighbors might be using the same one causing interference)

- If you go for exchange, don't just pay anyone ... ask to add to phone bill ... its likely that you will get Tenda's W150D and its a better router in terms of Hardware (you can also install upgraded firmware from Tenda) but you may have trouble with IPTV PC app

- If you would like to upgrade (I haven't tried the TP-Link yet):

- For ADSL Wireless router, you won't be needing the An1020-25

- For Wireless Router only, you may either set the wireless router in WAP mode or you may set the AN1020-25 in bridge mode as a modem with the new router using PPPoE connection mode

Note: For noisy lines broadcom based routers are recommended but you may try to match chipset to the DSLAM as well!

- If you wish to upgrade and don't want to spend that much, you may get a router from me as I have quite a few for sale from time to time (I am into unlocking and trying custom firmware images ... ) ... most are uk models ... like, currently I have:

- Sky Sagem 2504n ADSL Wireless N 150Mbps (dual-core broadcom 6362, unlocked with custom firmware)

- D-Link DSL2780 ADSL Wireless N 300Mbps

- Huawei Echolife HG532 ADSL Wireless N 300Mbps

- D-Link DIR-615 rev D4 Wireless N 300Mbps (currently DD-WRT ... Original FW and OpenWRT can also be flashed)


Ahmed Faraz

@Ahmed Faraz Thanks for your suggestions , I have figure out the problem and the wireless is working fine now ...... If my router ever gets faulty i will certainly consider the option of purchasing one from you......

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@Ahmed Faraz Thanks for your suggestions , I have figure out the problem and the wireless is working fine now … If my router ever gets faulty i will certainly consider the option of purchasing one from you…


@faisalhaider Kindly post the solution here …i am facing same problem… :confused: