PTCL vFone internet speed

Can anyone tell me what is the average upload/download speed on vFone?Is it faster or slower than PTCL landline.Common sense suggests it should be faster since there are no copper wires running and no exchanges.

Vptcl sucks big time, don't waste your money,landline is much better

Vptcl is much better than landline. Downloading is 8.5 kbps on avg and late night about 16 kbps.

^ that depends if you are talkin abt landline dial up then sure Vptcl maybe better but in comparison to DSL Vptcl is not a match

Basically it varies from area to area and also the time frame in which you log in. On average it might be slightly better, also depends upon your patience.

don't go for wireless Vfone is crap wireless service running by PTCL stay with dial-up or get a connection of PTCLs Broadband

Get it it is giving me 15KB+ speed

15KB/sec? He will be lucky if he get 2KB/sec with it,its a total crap,waste of money and hourly rate of using the internet is expensive too

vfone is best for talking only , not for internet.

I agree.Go for DSL or dialup..

Disconnection is also a main problem but vptcl provides free calls from vptcl to vptcl or ptcl.

cn any1 temme the login and password ov vptcl???

piece of sh*t, i was just cursing it right now, y the hell do i have to suffer this crap, if u dont want to get dsl, get warid/zong/ufone/mobilink/telenor internet, 400-500+tax, u'll get 296kbps edge if ur in the right place, and get whichever works best, also vfone is expensive rs.8/hr, and its not stable, last year i was using warid gprs, the maximum gprs could go to would be like 6KB/s but i was much much happier with that coz it always worked, not like this crap. Even at maximum speed, u would be at half the speed of edge or 1/8th the speed of 1mbps dsl. I'm stuck with this coz theres not dsl/wimax provider here and all the rest offer gprs services which are limited at 2gb, im waiting for edge, then ill switch.


BTW right now my download is 0.05-0.06mbps and download is 0.02-0.05mbps accroding to i checked from 2 servers

V PTCL is one of the most crappiest thing in this world. I will recommend never go fot it. It's simply rubbish.

The browsing is the main problem. Even on dialup the page opens fast but in V PTCL case you will cry while browsing.

Hourly rate is expensive but they also use some abusive tactics and steal your balance. They are the thrfting like big thugs our "bholi bhali"awam from this f*****g VPTCL publicity.

Never ever go for it.

PTCL dsl/dialup/wireless dsl are all decent services but I don't know why PTCL vwireless Internet sucks,even though the signals are always full.PTCL isn't short of bandwidth.Whats the main reason for the pathetic speeds on Vwireless.Its something to think about.Perhaps PTCL don't want their customers to use vwirelss internet and shift themselves to dsl or rather Wireless DSL of PTCL.

vptcl sux yaar... bhoool jaao internet vptcl parr. ;D

Vptcl for internet sux big time, i never get even 3 kb/sec, while my cell connects on 274KBs (or something). Vptcl is only great for sms, and talk (even better then ptcl landline, and other telecos).

& another good think about vptcl is, you can use it as a mobile, (just have to check bandwith). I tested it from lahore to burhan (means whole punjab). But nwfp has different bandwidth. Also i heard karachi has different bandwidth. I will recommend vptcl for talk & sms (buy a cdma mobile rather then table set)

it sux super duper... don't even think of buying this piece of obsolete technology (for Internet) if your primary objective is fast or at least reasonable Internet connection. vFone is even slower than dial-up and in my case (when I bought it 2 years ago) it only opened Google and nothing else :)

^perhaps early morning, well before other people wake up

Here is the download speed according to PTCL website, and here i quote:

"Your PTCL Vfone Connection comes with CDMA 2000 1x technology (phone model dependent feature) which allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet with speed up to 153.6 kbps."

So that means approximately you will get the maximum speed of 19.2 KBs/s on vfone according to the claims of ptcl. But you are better aware that all such claims are never so absolute.

Well, I also used to have interest in vfone while i was having the problem with ptcl landline dial-up, but looks like that interest remained a past dream and i upgraded it to cable net (I am still not able to bear the cost of broadband provided by ptcl or other companies). However, after the change, my perception towards the internet and its speed totally changed and i would never want to get back to dial-up again. So brother, a little bit more expense to upgrade it to cable net or broadband will give you more value of your money than thinking of SWITCHING between dial-ups.