PTCL VFONE again Charging for faulty Authentication System

Vfone login authentication server is again in trouble. For the few days, time to time Authentication was being failed with error message that login/password incorrect.

Interestingly system is sucessfully deducting amounts from the customes accounts.

Today VFONE deducted nearly five RS 35 for just 8 failed dialup attempts , authentication failed being problem in there system.

This is not first time that this happened. Veryshame full for the service that costs above Rs 10 per hour.

Yeah exactly, I am also facing this problem.. whenever I call them up they say check whether your keyboard's caps lock are on or off.. they always come up with lame excuses,now a days vptcl doesn't work, the transfer rate is 1 KB/s for me with the full signal strength .. so it clearly shows they suck

curse on you PTCL. your lines are damaged, your internet services are worst, your employee are corrupt, especially linemen who always ask for bribes to repair the lines.