PTCL User - Need some Networking Advice

Hi people, got a few questions for you and hoping for some positive replies.

1) I just signed on a PTCL 1 MB student package so what should be my dl/ul speeds on speedtests? I am currently getting 1.07 / 0.25 Mbps as per by using worldcall server because PTCL server has results worse than this.

2) How much is this package currently? The rep told me it has increased from the previous 950 Rs to 980 Rs.

3) Is there any download cap on this package?

4) I am using a Linksys wireless router with my regular PTCL modem. The router access has been set to but I can't access the PTCL modem by entering What's up with this, I am using wireless by the way and my linksys router handles the DHCP and PPPOE settings, since modem is set to bridge mode. Any fix for this?

5) I have attached the dsl 2-way-splitter which came with the PTCL modem to my phone socket and then one wire is going into my phone and one into the modem. Since there is a small amount of distortion / noise in my handset which results in very little speed spikes, I am planning to add an external splitter to the main copper wire, as I've been told that my internal house wiring is probably screwed up and obviously it will take some time and money to get a new setup. Currently the copper wire coming directly from the street pole and tied to the internal wiring of my house. I was told I need to either setup a filter or better yet a POT splitter ( probably the one which PTCL gave me with the modem ) where this connection is to eliminate any distortion or signal loss due to DSL + Telephone being used on the same wire. I plan to feed the copper wire from the pole into let's say something like " 2 Port RJ11 Surface Mount Jack " which looks like this:


And then I plan to hook up one port for the internal phone wiring and the other port for my modem ( the wire will come directly into my modem).

So my question is, is this do-able? Will it help improve the signal strength?

This is my generalized plan, I am not sure if I have referenced proper equipment, so it would be best if someone experienced could provide me with the names of the proper equipment I'll need to do this or even a better way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

1) Try speed test servers in Lhr, Islamabad from Wi Tribe and PTCL. one should work.

Try STC server in Saudi Arabia. That is state owned carrier there. It should be fast enough.

2) even the website states rs.949 per month. The last increase was TO 949, not 980.

3) yes download caps are there i.e. 300 GB per month BUT you can not hit that cap with 1mbps bandwidth in a month even if you download like crazies i.e. 24/7

4) Set your router to ip

Then, you access ptcl config from and Linksys config from

5)Speed spikes should not worry you. PTCL has a haphazard service situation. Guess what? 4mbps customers get 400 kb/sec speed only and that too is not consistent. Adding splitters, filters etc is useless. Only one should suffice. As long as you do not face DSL disconnections, you should be content with what you have. More experimenting may result in you facing frequent disconnections.