PTCL trying to RIP me OFF!


Here is the Story

I appiled for a PTCL Connection and Broadband on 2010 FEB...i got the Connection in 1-2weeks

from Day One i m facing Disconnect Issue..My Net keep on Disconnecting after every 2-5mints...I Complain daily 5-6times

so I Told Them to Fix it or else i m not Going to pay the those 2 years i think 2-3 times a DSL and lineman Show up and Told me There is nothing you can do to fix it...your area line is Damage and BLA BLA BLA get a new one...So i got a new one and its WorkinG Fine...Then i try to Close down the OLD line Which i was not using because internet not working on i call them up and they said pay your dues which was 10k !!!! WHY i Pay Those 10k for the service they didn't Provide me ? I went to the Exchange and they said the same thing ! now they are Sending me letter for recovery stuff......

Please tell me how to Get Rid of that 10k bill ! i didn't use there service because The Net was not working ( not even connecting )



They have been charging the line rent wasn't completely shutoff.Their staff is lazy.Visit you exchange and have a chat with their Dean.Don't talk to these supervisors..they are peice of crap.

Line rent Cost like 200rs not that Muc...I Can Pay 200rs per month but They are asking me to pay DSL Fee to ! Why the HELL i will pay it ?

Email PTA and inform about your case, if you are being ripped off they will do something about it.

Ahh Thanks for the suggestion and MetalTongue Long time no see ;) me RealoMI :P

if you have not disconnected your DSL then they dont care whether you used it or not you have to pay the dues. you should have given them written request for closing of your services.

If service was not working, why didn't you apply for disconnection of your line and DSL?

Just because you think that you should not be charged, does not stop PTCL from sending you full bill.

You will have to pay your dues, whether the whole at the same time or in installments.