PTCL Throttling Torrents (2019)

Using PTCL DSL 4Mbps here in Bahawalpur. Works fine and everything. Gets full speed on Youtube streaming and Direct Downloads.
But since last month, when downloading torrent, it starts at full speed but after few minutes comes down to 1Mbps speed and everything else like browsing/youtube streaming almost comes to a complete halt, till the torrent is completed or stopped.

Anybody else experiencing it?? Solution?

No, not experiencing any such issue. Using wired DSL 4mb.

Ok. Just experienced the same again.
Restarted the PTCL router and torrent seems to be running at full speed for now.

Edit : That lasted for 20 minutes only and its back to throttling. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Limit torrent upload speed and maximum connections. It is probably your router’s limitation.

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